The Green Faces Cookbook


This ECookbook is a collection of recipes that follow the general guide line of The Green Faces Diet.  Simply put: “if it had a face, eat it. If it’s green, eat it”.  All of these recipes are reletively low in carbs, moderate fats, and high in protein.

I myself followed this as a cutting diet and lost significant weight.  But this is not necessarily a “diet” book. These recipes are easily adapted into any healthy eating lifestyle.

This book is focused towards the average home cook, with no hard to source ingredients or crazy cooking techniques.  I’ve tried to keep cooking healthily simple so you can easily prepare these meals.

Download via The Sloth Report Store, “TSR SHOP” our online Jiu Jitsu store, and while your there check out my hubby’s blog at Josh Vogel Art.  Once payment is received you will be emailed a copy of the PDF file. Please allow up to 24 for email delivery.